Thursday, June  29, 2017
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Gothics and Pyramid from Lake Road
Wanted to get in a training hike for upcoming summer mountain trips, and a 20+ kilometer back-ascent to Gothics fit the bill.

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Journey to McKaskill Lake - Algonquin Provincial Park
We manage to wring out maximum enjoyment from a fairly rainy weekend in Algonquin Park, canoeing over three days from Shall Lake to McKaskill Lake and back.

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The Roof of Texas - Guadalupe Peak
On my very first visit to Texas, I waste no time and arrange a quick outing to the state highpoint - 8751-foot high Guadalupe Peak (dragging along some colleagues, of course).

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Pitchoff Ridge Traverse
A picture-perfect spring day traverse of Pitchoff Ridge, a low but very scenic ridgeline in the Adirondacks.

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Packing in four days of Southwest Canyon goodness around the 2017 Interconnect conference - it's... Intercannyonect!

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Giant via the Ridge Trail
A super-warm day, lots of fresh snow and racing clouds made for a pretty sweet ascent of Giant's scenic ridge trail.

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Calabogie Ice Climbing
A very pleasant intro to ice climbing for the 2016-2017 season at the crags at Calabogie. The ice was a bit thinner than usual but since we had the place mostly to ourselves, we had plenty of lines to climb.

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ACC Twilight Hike 3 - Wright Peak
Our third Alpine Club Twilight Hike outing - this time for sunrise, and this time to the open summit of Wright Peak. Cold, clear, far-ranging views.

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ACC Twilight Hike 2 - Cascade Mountain
Twilight Hike #2 - A beautiful undercast is the star of the show on the second Alpine Club twilight hike, to the top of Cascade Mountain in the Adirondacks.

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ACC Twilight Hike - Jay Mountain
Twilight Hike #1 - I lead an Alpine Club outing to the open ridgeline of Jay Mountain - at sunset - to experience the wonder of twilight in the mountains.

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Fall Fiesta Trio - Silver Lake Mountain, The Crows, Baxter Mountain
A rapid and most colorful sampling of Adirondack fall foliage on three separate short hikes - all crammed ahead of an approaching bout of rainy weather.

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The King-King Hike - Gatineau Park
An easy and short morning team-building hike - Mackenzie King-themed - in Gatineau Park.

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Catfish Lake Canoe Loop - Algonquin Provincial Park
A exceptionally-perfect labour day long weekend sees us return to do the Cedar Lake - Catfish Lake canoe loop in northern Alqonquin Park. With an extra day to work with, we push the boundaries a bit, getting as far as Perley Lake on the upper Petawawa River.

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Pacific Crest Trail from Sonora Pass to Lake Latopie
An gentle half-day meander along an easy stretch of the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail from Sonora Pass to Latopie Lake.

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Mount Conness via East Ridge, Sierra Nevada
A class-3 mountaineering scramble up a 12,590-foot high peak of California's northern Sierra Nevada: Mt Conness via the East Ridge.

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San Francisco
A short image gallery of a few scenes taken in and around San Francisco in August of 2016, while on a trip for work.

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Simply Blue - The Journey Home
The story of the long and fitful journey to bring 'Simply Blue' - the new flagship of the Hanel-Dusablon fleet - to her new home port.

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Hey Hey, Haystack - Mount Haystack
Hey, look, Haystack! A climb up what I consider to be the Adirondack's most scenic mountain.

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Short and Steep - Catamount Mountain
Introducing work colleague Veetil and his new-to-mountains wife to the enjoyment of a hearty little scramble in the Adirondacks - Catamount Mountain.

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Arduous Allen
My first group hike with the Alpine Club of Canada is a relatively challenging one... a return to climb Mount Allen, one of the ADK 46's less attractive peaks.

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