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Kingston & Queen's University
We arrive in Kingston at about 4:30pm, pick up our overnight bags, and get our dorm room assignments. I'm in a residence called 'chown', which for unix geeks is really cool! A quick shower and I am ready for a trip to the dining hall (Ban Righ) to pig out. Dave is amazed that he can actually put away two whole heaping plates of food - claims he's never eaten that much at once before. I hold off on too much dessert since I want room for ice cream afterwards (Ice cream from White Mountain, that is).
Registering at Queen's
End of day riders at Queen's
Chown Hall
courtesy Markus
A typical dorm room setup
Dinner at Ban Righ
The Beast Recharges
After dinner we head downtown to an ice cream specialty shop called White Mountain. I lovvve anything with white chocolate, and so I order the 'White Knight' ice cream, which has white chocolate chunks in vanilla ice cream. From there we do a slow promenade along the Lake Ontario waterfront back towards the university. Lots of neat things along the waterfront - old derelict [but quaint/rustic] ramps, ships, machinery, nice restaurants, marinas, museums, and< memorials. On the way back we also run into Rick and Lorraine, who are also doing the RLCT this year. Nice to see them both, not having seen them in so long.
courtesy Markus
Queen's University
The "Frame" art.
Queen's Alumnus
Practicing for ?
Caroline gives it a shot.
courtesy Markus
Historic Kingston dwelling
White Mountain
Andrew and Dessert
courtesy Markus
Relaxing after dessert
Waterfront Museum
Lake Ontario Waterfront
Irish Memorial
Marina on Lake Ontario
It isn't very late by the time I get to bed... but given that I have another 180+ kilometres to ride the next day, that's probably a good thing. To bed before 10pm, and up at 5am.
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