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The Golden Triangle is a 330+ km cycle loop through the Rockies. This year, the route went from Castle Mountain Junction, in Alberta, to Radium, BC. Then, from Radium, BC to Golden BC, and from there back to Castle Mountain Junction.

The ride was held May 18th to May 20th, 2002. Lorraine had wanted to do this ride for some time now, and the thought of cycling in mountains intrigued me, so we decided to sign up this year.
The Golden Triangle
An overview / locator map of where the Golden Triangle Ride is held. [enlarge]
Highways of the Golden Triangle
Yellow Highlight = Day 1; Purple Highlight = Day 2; Blue-green highlight = Day 3. [enlarge]
Oversize Taxi Needed
Since we were taking our bikes with us, we needed an extra large taxi. Believe it or not, the only taxi able to service us in Ottawa was a wheelchair-capable mini-van. There is apparently only one in the entire city. Not only that, but since we don't actually have a disability requiring a wheelchair, we find out that the taxi company that is based out of the airport will 'not allow' us to call for this taxi (since it is not one of theirs) on the way back. Ridiculous. [enlarge]
Careful with those!
We watch from the airport terminal as the bikes are loaded onto the plane. In this picture, the bike I will be using (actually, Lorraine's bike) is just starting up the cargo ramp into the plane. [enlarge]
On our way
This is the spartan but clean interior of Westjet's 737-700 cabin, en-route to Calgary. [enlarge]
MEC Stop
This is a picture taken in the parking lot outside of the Calgary Mountain Equipment Co-op store. We wanted to buy some camp stove fuel and a plate and arrived *just* in time (actually it was 9:03pm and I snuck in the out door....). It turns out that we didn't need any stove fuel after all - little did we know how well-run this ride would be. Also of note in this picture is the spacious SUV that Dollar rent-a-car let us have for almost the same price as the little Sentra we had booked (a BIG discount over the usual price - 50% off). We would have had a much much harder time with transporting our 4 full duffel bags and 2 bikes had we had a sentra. Thanks, Dollar guy! [enlarge]
The Front Ranges
Bright and early on Saturday, May 18 - the first day of the ride. We have to make our way from Calgary to Castle Mountain Junction, AB - approximately a 150km drive. As we leave Calgary, we see a beautiful sunrise on the front ranges of the rockies. [enlarge]
Another EVCCer?
Lorraine takes a few snaps of another cyclist vehicle on its way to the mountains. [enlarge]
Getting Closer
Another shot of same vehicle. The mountains loom closer... [enlarge]
Mountains of the Kananaskis
As we enter the Rockies proper, on our left we see some of the mountains of the Kananaskis range, nicely lit by the morning sun. [enlarge]
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