MEC Stop
This is a picture taken in the parking lot outside of the Calgary Mountain Equipment Co-op store. We wanted to buy some camp stove fuel and a plate and arrived *just* in time (actually it was 9:03pm and I snuck in the out door....). It turns out that we didn't need any stove fuel after all - little did we know how well-run this ride would be. Also of note in this picture is the spacious SUV that Dollar rent-a-car let us have for almost the same price as the little Sentra we had booked (a BIG discount over the usual price - 50% off). We would have had a much much harder time with transporting our 4 full duffel bags and 2 bikes had we had a sentra. Thanks, Dollar guy!
This image is from the presentation "The EVCC Golden Triangle Cycle Ride".

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