This image gallery documents my and Lorraine's participation in the 2001 Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour. This is a two-day (Sturday and Sunday) cycle ride from Ottawa to Kingston and back, a total of approximately 360 km. Lorraine and I rented a tandem (not a very good one either) to do the ride.

We took what is called the cruise route. This route follows a more southerly path, through Manotick and a number of small quaint towns on its way to Kingston. The cruise route is also unsupported, meaning there are no water or food stations along the way.
Overview Map
The overview map shows a GPS tracklog that documents our exact route. [enlarge]
Here we are waiting to get our official numbers and drop off our overnight luggage (we will be staying at a University dorm at Queen's U). [enlarge]
Eager throng
This shot shows a good chunk of the many fresh, eager, brightly colored and spandexed participants. Lorraine is somewhere in this picture.... [enlarge]
Quiet country lane
This picture is taken not far from Manotick on one of the many quiet backroads that comprise the cruise route. Care was obviously taken to avoid major routes. [enlarge]
Cycle train in Jasper
A row of fancy roadbikes are propped against a row of mailboxes opposite a general store in tiny Jasper, Ontario. [enlarge]
Twisties... in Ontario?
the route between Elgin and Battersea becomes amazingly twisty - for Ontario, that is. Being a longtime Ontario resident and a twisty road (automotive-wise) afficionado, and had long stopped thinking that there were any actual twisty roads (as opposed to merely slightly curvy) in Ontario. This road is a hidden gem. Lots of local up-and-down variations, diving hills and some good S-turns. The only problem is that the road surface is a bit sub-par in locations. [enlarge]
Kingston - End of first day
We arrive in Kingston in late afternoon, tired but pleased. The day is pleasant, with a stiff wind blowing off of lake Ontario. [enlarge]
Massage service
For those in need of extra luxury, there are massages available for sale by professionals. Here a portable tent is set up and cyclists are availing themselves of the service. [enlarge]
Queens University
More rad cyclist shots
The throng, eager for the return journey
The early morning crowd ready to leave Kingston for the ride back to Ottawa. Time is about 7 or 8 am. [enlarge]
Jones Falls, Rideau Canal
The Cruise route passes over the rideau canal at Jones Falls. One of the more scenic areas of the ride, with a nice view of rocky shores and lakes. [enlarge]
Charging cyclists
I stop to take an action photo of two cyclists crossing the bridge at Jones Falls [enlarge]
Burrits Rapids
We stop for a short break at Burrits rapids. The day is wearing on and, of course, the wind seems to be coming at us head on. We pass the 300 km mark - only 50 or 60 more to go! [enlarge]
The end - Success!
This is a shot of the two riders who accompanied us for most of the way back. They are both from Toronto. [enlarge]
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