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A one-stop page for all of the videos produced for the Willow Gulch & Death Hollow fall Utah 2019 trip. I recommend that you watch these full-screen for best effect. Note: there are two versions of the full movie - both are listed below.

Below is the movie covering the fall Utah trip. I think it serves as an excellent accompaniment to the written trip report.
Willow Gulch and Death Hollow 2019: The Movie

Below is an extended version of the above movie (22 minutes longer). Unless you were on the trip or you know a member of the trip, this might contain too much idle chit-chat and banter to be of interest to you.
Willow Gulch and Death Hollow 2019: The Movie (Extended Edition)

Below is a fast-paced, set-to-music montage of dynamic scenes from our trip. It's a short and energetic clip - if you watch nothing else, watch this one!
Willow Gulch and Death Hollow 2019: The Teaser
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