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Saturday, October 5 and Sunday, October 6
Panguitch Motel
Originally (up until about halfway through the trip) I had harbored the idea of doing a fall mountain day-hike somewhere in Northern Utah, not too far from Salt Lake City. It would be a nice cap-off to couple of sweet desert backpacks, allowing us to contrast desert hiking with something more alpine. I had several possible peaks and trails in mind, including Mounts Nebo and Timpanogos. But as the Death Hollow backpack progressed, it became clear that it would be both a logistical and a mental stretch to do a big dayhike on a day sandwiched directly after Death Hollow and the day before we had to fly home. It just wasn't going to happen. So I dropped it and didn't even mention it as we planned our final day before the end of the trip.
courtesy JInnes
Nebo Loop Scenic Drive
Instead I opted for a drive that allowed us to look at some fall colors and some mountains. Surely no one would be opposed, and we had the time to do it. All we needed to do was to take a slight variant on our drive back north to Salt Lake City: the Nebo Mountain Loop road - a very pleasant twisty road route that winds though the low mountains east of Mount Nebo (which is itself one of Utah's highest and most rugged peaks).
courtesy JInnes
Nebo Loop Picnic
A quick hike
Devil's Kitchen
It was a relaxing and fun day. We picnic'ed in the cool mountain air, walked to a few of the notable viewpoints along the way, and in general just behaved like normal car-based tourists. A nice, relaxed, wind-down day that got us into the SLC area in the latter part of the afternoon.
courtesy JInnes
Poorly-taken selfie
Mount Nebo
Relaxed after-hikers
Mount Nebo
As a final activity, we all agree that it would be great to go out (as clean, un-disheveled looking normal people) for a final celebratory dinner - something a bit more upscale. Gino once again does his research, and locates a restaurant. An Italian restaurant. A really, really, really good Italian restaurant - the Cucina Toscana.
La Cucina Toscana
Premium Italian
A Delta Hub
Bye bye, Utah
The Distant Tetons
Post-trip Gathering
About a month after the trip, after I had collated and collected and edited all of our media into this trip report, Gino hosted a fun gathering over at his house, complete with on-demand pizza served out of his backyard pizza oven. That was where I debuted the first rough cut of the extended video from our trip (which you can watch yourself if you go to the video page.
Gino's Pizzeria
Gino's Pizza Oven
Post-trip Gathering
And so, that's it - or as Pu would colloquially say.... "we come to the end". I'd like to give a big shout-out to everyone on the trip, because everyone stood up to the rigors of our outings, especially Death Hollow; perservered, put their heads down and got it done, when that was needed. I am very grateful for that, as that is ultimately what makes or breaks a trip like this.

So, until next time... Good-bye!

If you really liked reading the written narrative, perhaps you'd also be interested in the full-length movie of the trip. If so, go to the movies page to check that out!
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