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The castle walk then continued, following a narrow passageway high up inside the castle's northern wall, until we reached the so-called powder tower (the krautturm). Here we were presented with the so-called Salzburg Bull: a large organ-type instrument operated via a "recording" on a wooden barrel (a bit like a mechanical piano). This device was used to transmit times of the day and other messages to the city's residents.

A set of narrow stairways led down back into the main courtyard, completing "the walk". Nearby was the door of the castle's largest religious structure, St. George's Chapel, which we visited, and another lookout area, this one facing northeast.
View from Krautturm
St George's Chapel
Castle Main Chapel
Porthole to city
Chapel Exterior
courtesy JInnes
Andrew and Jenn, Hohensalzburg
Old City Closeup
Finally, we entered the innermost section of the castle - its keep. Here the so-called fortress museum was located, and comprises many room complexes, including the prince's chambers. We didn't fully examine everything in the fortress musuem, but highlights were the armor and weaponry sections and the ornately-finished wood trimmed Golden Room, Golden Hall, and King's Bedchamber.
Fortress Museum
Portals, Fortress Museum
Archbishop's Chapel
Old Romanesque Architecture
Golden Chamber
Royal Privy
courtesy JInnes
The onion bishop
With our alotted time for Salzburg running out, we finished up with the fortress museum and made our way to the modern tramway at the northwestern corner of the castle (the older southeastern tramway, dating from the 1800s, has long been decommissioned). The tramway took us on a scenic but very short descent into the old quarter of Salzburg, where we walked for a few minutes north to the domplatz, where we grabbed something to eat from a streetside vendor and had our lunch watching people go by while sitting on the steps of the Salzburg Cathedral.
Descending to old town
Lunch at the Domplatz
Ready for tourists
After lunch it was time for a final visit to a Christmas Store on Goldgasse street, where various souvenirs and decorations were purchased. We then made a fairly direct line back east through the old city to our hotel, finishing our walking loop in time for our planned afternoon departure westward, towards Germany.
courtesy RHanel
Heading towards Goldgasse
Christmas Store
Endless egginess
Interactive trackmap with photo points - Salzburg walkaround #2 - click map to view
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