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Saturday, September 19 and Sunday, September 20
Our destination for the evening was Roland's cousin Eva's house, located in a small town not far north of Frankfurt. Eva had graciously offered to host us overnight, allowing us to be well-positioned for an early-morning drive to the airport the next morning.

The drive to Eva's house was a little bit tricky, as Roland didn't know the exact location, and had to rely on memory. We eventually figured it out, however, and by about 6pm, we had arrived at Eva's modern house - which apparently had been a former dentist's office.
Eva's House
Shared dinner prep
Scalloped Potatoes
We spent a very pleasant evening with Eva and her mother (who lives in an apartment within the house), then retired to pack our bags for the return flight home.

Bright and early the next morning, the four of us packed up and left Eva's house, thanking her once again for the hopsitality she had offered. Less than an hour later, we arrived at the Frankfurt airport, gassed up and returned the rental car, and checked in for our flight. Roland and Stephanie obtained a new, smaller rental car and headed back onto the road; although Jenn and I were heading home, the semi-moon continued, and they would be returning to Canada at a later date.

I enjoy all modes of transport - including air travel, and as is my custom, I spent much of my waiting time both outside of and inside our flights taking pictures. Our journey home consisted of two flights; one from Frankfurt to London, and then from London to Ottawa.
Lufthansa's Giant
First Leg
Airplane mirror
London (Heathrow) was an unpleasant combination of a very tight connection and an interminably long wait (in tarmac congestion) for takeoff. Once airborne, our westward-bound Atlantic-crossing Air Canada 767 flight during mid-day felt relaxing and short. A smooth touchdown on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Ottawa completed our trip.
Downtown London
Meeting our shadow
Anticosti Island
Air France A340
Arriving runway 32
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Stephanie and Roland for inviting us on their semimoon trip. Stephanie's dream to visit the Cinque Terre turned out to be a dream for all of us, as it is truly a magical place. Our intimate visit to Venice, staying as we did in an authentic little apartment in a quiet corner of the city, was thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks again for allowing five days for adventuring on Vie Ferrate in the Dolomites (although with the rain day it really ended up being four days of climbing and one day of card game playing). Thank you, Roland, for your planning in Austria in Germany, both for attractions to visit and for lodging arrangements. And a special thank you to Stephanie for being so politely tolerant of all of the G-forces she had to endure from time-to-time in the car.
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