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Transition to Nuremberg
Thursday, September 17
courtesy JInnes
Traffic at the border
We left Salzburg mid-afternoon. Our destination lay to the west, in Germany. Specifically, the historic Bavarian town of Nuremberg (Nürnberg in German), where Roland had planned a day and half of visiting various sites, both old and new.
courtesy RHanel
A pleasant detour
We had hoped to make the 300km drive from Salzburg to Nuremberg in a reasonable three hours. Unfortunately, we encountered some very bad stau (traffic jams) right around the border, and we were stop-and-go for quite a while. With no end in sight, we decided to turn off of the autobahn and find some back-road alternatives.
courtesy JInnes
No traffic and high speed
Happily, our detour worked out, and in the process we got to drive through some very lovely countryside. Once back on the uncongested autobahn, we were able to take advantage of some unlimited sections to increase our overall average pace. We arrived in Nuremberg's outskirts shortly before 7pm, and we were soon winding our way through streets of the old town to the underground parking garage located near the well-positioned hotel that Roland had snagged for us.

A departing late day rainshower combined with some evening sunlight created some very pretty dark skies, orange light, and a few brilliant rainbows. The streets of Nuremberg were damp from the recently departed rains as we walked to our hotel - the Hotel Avenue, finding it to have clean and almost-modern rooms. I was somewhat amused by the in-wall digital clock radio. Definitely almost-modern.
Magical Nuremberg
A fiery sunset
After establishing ourselves at our hotel, we set out to walk a bit of the town and to enjoy some down-home German cookin'.

Not having any specific goal, we wandered generally downhill, soon crossing the lazy river that bisects the city. We were in the altstadt - the old town - so there were many historic buildings and structures to see. Some of the most impressive were churches: The Frauenkirche and Sankt Sebaldus Kirche. Both medieval and both looking very beautifully lit-up against a deep twilit sky.
courtesy RHanel
Evening on the Pegnitz
Deep Twilight Hues
Saint Sebaldus at dusk
As we were informally sight-seeing, we kept poking our heads into authentic-looking restaurants, eventually settling on a place called the Bratwursthäusle, located close to St Sebaldus Church. Here we carefully scanned the menu (with Roland's translational help) and ordered many traditional Bavarian dishes. It all looked so delicious, we ended up over-ordering. The little bratwürste sausages were excellent (along with several other items). I was so stuffed, I couldn't finish everything off. I think the extra side dish of spätzle did me in.
Traditional Fare
After dinner, feeling bloated and tired after a long day, we slowly walked back across the Pegnitz and up the streets back to our hotel rooms. A long, satisfying, and tasty day.
Interactive trackmap with photo points - Nuremberg day 1 - click map to view
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