Monday, June  24, 2019
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Somewhat like Venice, Rothenburg has the characteristic of feeling much quieter and more authentic if you take a few steps off of the most popular arterial routes and central sights. We took a short walk through some of these back ways, enjoying the solitude and increased sense of authenticity.

Near the city hall, I lost the others to the clutches of a huge Christmas store for the better part of an hour. I stationed myself on the edge of the nearby George's Fountain (Georgsbrunnen) in the Marktplatz and watched the crowds come and go - as well as attempting a few time-lapse videos.
Another quiet laneway
Sunny Marktplatz
courtesy RHanel
Rothenburg Town Hall
With the fountain
Thirty-second timelapse video, Marktplatz, Rothenburg:

Rothenburg's busy Marktplatz

Down Galgengasse
After the Christmas-craft shopping was over, we returned to Schmiedgasse, where we had seen a couple of shops selling tasty-looking food. After a quick street-side lunch, it was time to think about moving on. A final walk through the old town brought us to the Würzburger Tor gate and the carpark immediately on the other side.
Interactive trackmap with photo points - Rothenburg ob der Tauber - click map to view
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