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Good friends Stephanie and Roland got married in the summer of 2015, and planned a sort-of, sort-of-not honeymoon-ish trip to Italy, Austria and Germany - and invited friends along. Mixing the urban and the mountain, the tourist and the trekker, we had an interesting, ever-changing swirl of cultures, cuisines, and climbing.

To get started reading the whole story, from start to finish, Click here. If you'd like to skip around to specific sections, use the table of contents.

If you are interested in a much shorter overview, you can read the "Short Report".

Table of Contents / Index

What's a semimoon?

The Five Earths
The Cinque Terre
Riomaggiore to Corniglia
Corniglia to Monterosso

Mediterranean Touring
San Marino

The Dolomites
Pale di San Martino Area
Tofane Area
Sesto Area

Germanic Touring

Splitting Ways

Special / Extra Features
GPS Data
The "Short Report"

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