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Supplemental Images
On this page, you'll find the set of images that didn't make it into either the main report or the "family pictures" section. There's a grab-bag of stuff here, including some plane pictures (as you can tell, I like planes), Montevergine hiking pictures, and pictures of Caserta Vecchia and Reggia di Caserta.
A380 Wing
Face-on Tri-holer view
Whale-jet ready for departure
Breakfast routine
Dining room
My Aunt's View
Historic Trail
Proper start of trail
Winding up through farmland
Upper Mercogliano
Crossing the Funicolare
Rocky scrub
Crappy Italian Garbage
Leafy path
Crossing the highway again
Sweeping hairpin
Trail split
Filthy picnic area
Crossings and good trailwork
Crossings and good trailwork
More open corner
More road crossings
Sign to Sanctuary
More open slopes
Final ramp
Montevergine park area
Final steps of trail
Map of Sanctuary
Main Courtyard
Entrance, level 1
More votives
Stained glass, new basilica
Small chapel
Cappella della Madonna
Sanctuary courtyard
Mercogliano from trail
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