In September of 2012, as part of a "deal" with my mother, my sister and I travelled to her hometown of Avellino, Italy, where we spent many days visiting with many relatives and to the beautiful surrounding countryside of Italy's Campania and Puglia regions.

Although we did do two hikes, this trip report is a little less "outdoorsy" and a little more family-oriented than most on my web page. So, if that isn't your thing, be warned!

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Table of Contents / Index

Family Matters

Saturday, September 22
Sunday, September 23
2 Days 2 Avellino

Monday, September 24
Unwinding in Avellino

Tuesday, September 25
Trail of The Pilgrims

Wednesday, September 26
Tale of Two Casertas

Thursday, September 27
All in the Family

Friday, September 28
La Costiera Amalfitana

Saturday, September 29
A Perugini Day

Sunday, September 30

Monday, October 1
The Island of Ischia

Tuesday, October 2
Operation Escort

Even More Family Images
Supplemental Images


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