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Church beneath Reynisfjall
Eldhraun lava flow
Scenic outcrop
courtesy BConnell
Ringroad near Seljaland
Núpsstaður sign
Núpsstaður turf buildings
courtesy CHatko
Núpsstaður turf buildings
Glacial valley near Núpsstaður
Crossing the Skeiðarársandur
Mangled bridge remains
Reading about the Skeiðarársandur
First glimpse of Hvannadalshnjúkur
courtesy BConnell
Turnoff to Svínafellsjökull
Observing Svínafellsjökull
Harebells and Skaftafellsjökull
Road near Svínafell
Svínafell farms
Flats before Svínafell
Svínafell and Svínafellsfjall
Ring road and Hnappavellir
Heather and campion
Fjallsárlón glacial lagoon
Roland at jallsárlón
Westward view to Öræfajökull
Chris capturing road scene
Ewart and Jökulsarlón
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