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The Finger Canyons of the Kolob (and, Winding Down)
Saturday, March 15
We were feeling somewhat lazy today, and we had decided that we were going to rendezvous with everyone in Springdale (i.e. Zion) that night. So, we decided to take a leisurely highway ride over some new roads back to the St. George area, then stop for a quick look at a region of Zion that I had never been to before: the Finger Canyons of the Kolob. Maybe even a short hike or something, too.

We drove back through wild and lonely Utah scenery, up through towns like Lyman and Loa, Koosharem and Circleville. The terrain wasn't as overtly spectacular and colorful as the desert lands we had just left, but it still had it's own scenic charms. And these were roads that we didn't usually travel, and that was a nice change of pace.
Kolob Canyons VC
We eventually hopped onto I-15 and made our way down through Cedar City, getting off the highway at the Kolob Canyons entrance to Zion. This little corner of Zion is totally separate from the main entrances down to Zion canyon itself, and it's really like it's own separate little park. We drove up to the overlook at the end of the Kolob canyon road, which provided a great view of the parallel "finger" canyons that make up the core of the scenery in this corner of the park. Jenn and Bob and I decided to stretch our legs at least a little today, and hiked up the very short and easy Timber Creek trail. A bit of late season snow made the trail rather muddy, but it was definitely easy and offered some pleasant views of the surrounding terrain. Brian chose to stay in the car and veg-out.
Kolob Canyons Road
Observing Nagunt Mesa
A Short One
Leading to the Overlook
Pleasant ridgetop trail
Finger Canyons of the Kolob
From the Kolob Canyons, we drove down and around into the Springdale area, getting the good sunset light on the spectacular walls of Zion as we approached Springdale. We snagged a room at the Zion Park Motel in downtown Springdale and soon met up with Shannon, Pu, Phuong and Scott - all of whom were staying there, too. We had a nice dinner at the Zion Pasta and Noodle just across the street, then retired to our rooms for a few bottles of beer and wine - to celebrate the winding down of the trip.
courtesy JInnes
Dinner in Springdale
All together again
Evening relaxation
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