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Rest Day
Monday, August 9
Beautiful morning at campsite
Jack and Greg at camp
Resting at camp
We crash into our tents and sleep until 10 or 11 am. The weather, surprisingly, has not changed as predicted, and it is instead basically another nice, warm, mostly sunny data, and still warm. Given the very long previous day and the late wake-up time, the day ends up being mostly a rest-day. I take some nice wildflower pictures, and sit around, talking with everybody in our little group campsite.
Northern vegetation and scenery
Arctic Harebell
Later in the day, three river canoeists camp not far from us and come into camp to introduce them selves. They are Joel, Chris, and Jimmy, and all are medical types working in Quebec. Jimmy is a GP doctor, Joel is a physiotherapist, and Chris is in nuclear medicine. They are thinking of climbing D'Iberville/Caubvick before heading down the Koroc (kind of like Dan and Sue's trip). Very lively and friendly guys, especially Joel!

We are all relieved that Dan and Sue have been found. There is no serious thought to leaving the area early, though, because the area _is_ beautiful and is worth exploring, and also because it is not feasible to rearrange all of the flight and hotel bookings that everyone has made.
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