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Pu scrambling high on Pamola
Pu and magnificant Scenery
Pu and Basin Ponds
It isn't long before we are at the top of Pamola Peak. We now start to encounter more groups of hikers, since the shortest trail from the parking lot joins up with us here. The view from Pamola is excellent, with views in all directions, along with a great view of nearby Chimney Peak and the knife edge, which stretches from Chimney Peak to the South Peak of Katahdin.
courtesy Markus
Pamola Peak
Pu makes Pamola
Markus and Pu on Pamola
Markus and Pu and Pamola
The Chimney
The Chimney
The first obstacle to overcome when doing the knife edge from Pamola is "the Chimney". This is a narrow but very steep notch separating Pamola from Chimney Peak (See pictures 53 and 54). One must downclimb the Pamola side of the notch and then reclimb up to narrow and pointy Chimney peak. Awesome fun and not too difficult if you are reasonably proficient at scrambling and not afraid of heights. Check out the great shots of Pu and Markus climbing (below).
Scrambling down Pamola
Pu, Alpine Dude
Take a picture!
A couple of more shots below show the exciting narrow nature of the eastern end of the Knife Edge.
Fellow hikers on Pamola
Chimney Peak
Dramatic Knife Edge
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