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From Basin Ponds, it is a moderately steep hike up the Chimney Pond trail to Chimney Pond itself. Along the way, excellent views of Hamlin Ridge and of Baxter peak present themselves.
Hamlin Ridge
Baxter Peak
Chimney Pond Complex
At Chimney Pond we encounter the camping bunkhouse and ranger station, where we must register again. Things are still looking good for our ascent, and there is not even any further mention of this "open, but not recommended" nonsense.
courtesy Markus
Markus at the bunkhouse
Ranger Station and Katahdin
Second Mandatory Registration!
Chimney Pond is a serene place, positioned as it is in a cirque at the bottom of the huge basin formed by a long-past glacier. The still morning waters reflect the stark alpine scenery.
One of Many Plaques
Knife Edge from Chimney Pond
Chimney Pond
From Chimney Pond we take the Dudley trail southwards. The Dudley trail climbs the north ridge of Pamola Peak. It is a very steep but scenic trail, with almost continuous views of Chimney Pond, the Great South Basin, and surrounding peaks.
Chimney Pond boulders.
Pu at Chimney Pond
Climbing on the Dudley Trail
Dudley Trail climbing
Chimney Pond and South Basin
Cliffs of Pamola
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