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Complete Picture Index
This is a complete picture index, without any of the trip details or narrative. If you'd like to see the pictures in the context of the narrative, please click here.

There are extra pictures in this index that are not in the main narrative. Extra images are denoted with a color around the thumbnail of the image.
Train from Bathurst
Via Rail Express
Heading for Ottawa
Lavigne Sr.
Having a cold one
Will it fit?
The Thumb of Approval
The diary...
Baggage Check
Bound for the sunny south
Crew of the Enterprise
The city that never sleeps
Las Vegas from the sky
Exploring Vegas in the morning
Grandly posing in front of the Grand
Dixe Red Hills Golf Course
Beautiful #1 Green
courtesy George
Short Iron to the #1 green
First ball o' the season
Watch u lookin' at?
courtesy George
George shows off again
Dad's first Joshua Tree
Springdale, UT
courtesy George
Mule Deer
Lower Emerald Pool trail
George, Dad, and Zion Canyon
Sandstone and Air
Trail to upper pool
Desert Waterfall
courtesy George
Upper Emerald Pool Waterfall
First time campin' in 40 years.
Andrew at Campground
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