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Street and Nye mountain are two 'trailless' peaks in the Adirondacks. They are two of the so-called "46 peaks in New York state over 4000 feet" (although Nye was later re-surveyed to be slightly less than 4000', it has remained on the 46er list). Markus, myself, Phuong and Ewart decided to hike these two peaks on Saturday, July 6. Although the route is officially trailess, a pretty good semi-maintained path exists. Total distance from Adirondack Loj and back is about 15 kilometres.
Street and Nye Hike
The map (whithout a superimposed track) shows the terrain in the vicinity of the hike. The start point is at Adirondak Loj, near Heart Lake. The route runs west, crosses Indian Pass Brook, then heads up to a point between Nye and Street Mountain. [enlarge]
At the trailhead
Ewart, Phuong and Markus get prepped for the hike. Note Ewart's walking stick - It will not survive the day... [enlarge]
Heart Lake and Macintyre Range
This is a shot of Heart Lake. In the background are two of the peaks of the Macintyre range, Wright Peak and Algonquin Peak. Algonquin peak, at 5100+ feet, is the second highest peak in New York State. [enlarge]
Wright and Algonquin
A more zoomed-in shot of Wright and Algonquin. Note the haze. Although we did not know it at the time, large forest fires in Northern Quebec had spread a haze of smoke everywhere, causing much reduced visibility. [enlarge]
Crossing Indian Pass Brook
Markus leaps across boulders in the middle of Indian Pass Brook. This brook must be crossed in order to gain access to Street and Nye mountains [enlarge]
Markus' photography
Pleasant path
The route to the peaks, although officially pathless, actually has a pretty good path which has received some maintainence. There are many very pleasant sections to this path. [enlarge]
Indian Pass Brook
A short hike along a section of the brook. [enlarge]
Nye Mountain Summit
The summit of Nye is completely viewless, with 10-foot high scrubby conifers everywhere. Ewart explains where we are. [enlarge]
Hunchback of Nye Mountain
Markus appears to suffer an allergic reaction to the summit of Nye Mountain. Either that or he is dissappointed with the lack of a summit view. Still, it is the 45th out of 46 in the list of 46 highest peaks, so he can cross this one off of his list! [enlarge]
More Nye Summit Pics
Phuong celebrates her very first Adirondack 46 peak. And in sneakers to boot (pardon the pun...)! [enlarge]
View from Street
Near the summit of Street, there is a small lookout area. There is a good viewpoint east towards the Macintyre range, with Algonquin, Wright, Iroquois and Boundary visible. However, the extreme haze makes them barely visible. [enlarge]
Algonquin and conifer
Algonquin peak and the top of a scraggly conifer [enlarge]
Lunch on Street
We have lunch near the summit of Street. [enlarge]
Street Mountain Summit
This picture was taken to highlight the fact that the summit of Street is also pretty brushy. [enlarge]
Phuong's second
Phuong doubles her 46er count in just 1 hour! Also of note is the very atypical hiker beverage.... [enlarge]
Street Summit Shots
Street Summit Shots
More instruction from Ewart
Ewart again enlightens us as to our location.

Click here to listen to Ewart's enlightenment... (requires properly configured .mp3 player) [enlarge]
Markus Street
Wandering back down
Back at Indian Brook
The worst of the haze has passed, and the day is brightier. Indian Pass Brook is very scenic and pleasant. [enlarge]
A damp misstep
While re-crossing Indian Pass Brook on the return journey, Phuong's sneakers don't have quite enough grip while rock-hopping.... and two very wet feet are the result. [enlarge]
Indian Pass Brook
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