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An ambitious outing: We want to climb all three trailless Santanoni Peaks in a day. The weather is very crisp and exceptionally cool for mid August, but visibility and clarity of the air is excellent. Good hiking temps, too.
Pre-dawn start
Since bagging all three Santanoni peaks is a long hike, we decide to start before the sun rises. From left to right, are, Markus, Ewart, Caroline and Daryl. I'm behind the camera. [enlarge]
Signing in at the trailhead
Ghostly bridge crossing
Some well-contructed bridges are crossed on the trail leading towards Bradley Pond. This bridge crosses Santanoni Brook. [enlarge]
Santanoni Brook at Dawn
Taken partway up the trail that leads to Bradley Pond. [enlarge]
Meadows near Bradley Pond
This is where one must leave the official trail (which continues on north to Duck Hole). There is a small open meadow and a cairn of rocks (visible in picture). The herd path is quite distinct here, as you can see. [enlarge]
Deep Blue Bradley
The herd path leading up to the Santanonis skirts the northern side of Bradley pond, which is a cool-looking deep blue in the early clear morning light. [enlarge]
Snack stop at Bradley Pond.
The day is very clear and very cool. No bugs. Excellent summer hiking weather. [enlarge]
The steeps above Bradley
Immediately above Bradley pond the herd paths wanders back and forth up some steep earthy sections. The path is somewhat braided here, with several different paths diverging (and then converging further up the slope). [enlarge]
Little flume
A pleasant little cascade of water. This is the small brook which leads straight down (eastwards) from the Times Square area. The herd path follows the brook very closely from here all the way up to the ridgetop. [enlarge]
Markus and Oakleys
As part of his continuing integration into the practical and fashionable, Markus samples what it would be like to have a set of prescription wrap-around sunglasses (they actually belong to Caroline). [enlarge]
The vistas start to open
High up on the herd path (nearing the Santanoni ridgetop), the views east into the Adirondack high peaks start to open up. Bradley Pond can be seen peeking out behind the lower-left trees. [enlarge]
courtesy _markus
Ascending Panther Peak
This is a shot of myself (Andrew) scrambling up the last section to the summit of Panther Peak. There are only one or two short but steep scrambling sections. [enlarge]
Western Flatlands
This shot is taken looking straight west from near the summit of Panther Peak. To the west, the mountains gradually fade away and merge into the St. Lawrence lowlands. [enlarge]
Panther Peak
A closeup of the survey benchmark on the summit of Panther Peak. [enlarge]
courtesy _markus
On the summit of Panther
Andrew and Daryl taking digital photos of the summit marker. [enlarge]
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