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Redfield Summit View
Although Redfield is a mostly forested summit, there are several good lookout points. One of the best is the view south (ie- this picture). Allen Mountain is visible in the foreground, as is a 180-sweep of the southern high peaks. [enlarge]
Mt Skylight as viewed from the Summit of Redfield. Skylight looks dramatic as the sun spotlights its snow dusted summit. [enlarge]
Queen of NY
Mount Marcy as viewed from the summit of Redfield. Marcy looks very very dramatic from this aspect, steep and pointy, and the snow and lighting conditions only serve to heighten that effect. Impressive. [enlarge]
Summit Shot 1
Andrew and Markus on the summit of Redfield. Plus 1 to Markus' 46er count! Redfield for him is his 32nd 46er peak. As for myself (Andrew), this is my 39th 46er peak. [enlarge]
courtesy Markus
Summit shot 2
Caroline and Andrew at the summit of Redfield. [enlarge]
courtesy Markus
Algonquin and Iroquois
As viewed from the summit of Redfield. [enlarge]
Markus at Opalescent
Markus and I explore the various interesting features of the lower Opalescent River. [enlarge]
Andrew at Work
This is me trying to capture the neat nature of the gorges along the Opalescent brook trail. [enlarge]
courtesy Markus
Scenic Gorge
This is one of several interesting mini-gorges along the Opalescent River. [enlarge]
Cascade on Opalescent
A small but pretty cascade on the Opalescent River. [enlarge]
courtesy Markus
Suspension Bridge
A neat suspension bridge (which warns you not to jump up and down!) crosses the Opalescent River near Lake Colden. [enlarge]
courtesy Markus
Arriving Lake Colden Dam
Andrew, Caroline and Ewart arrive at the Lake Colden Dam. [enlarge]
courtesy Markus
Markus at Colden Dam
Markus crosses the Dam at the southern end of Lake Colden. [enlarge]
Colden, Mountain and Lake
Lake Colden and Mount Colden, as viewed from the dam on Lake Colden. A beautiful day this is turning out to be! [enlarge]
Trail to north side of Lake Colden
We opted to take the North-side trail around Lake Colden. MUCH nicer than the southern side, which is rough, muddy, slippery and generally unpleasant. [enlarge]
Lake Colden from Cedar Point
A view of Lake Colden with Avalanche Pass in the background, as viewed from the shore on Lake Colden at Cedar Point. There is a very scenically located lean-to here. [enlarge]
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