Wednesday, November  13, 2019
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courtesy peter
courtesy markus
courtesy peter
Scary Arachnid
Another Salamander
Marcy Dam
Resting Shoes at Marcy Dam
Lens cap rescue
courtesy markus
Markus really helping out
Final bit of trail...
Time sync!
Interactive trackmap with photo points - Phelps via South Meadows - click map to view

Phelps via South Meadows - Hike Data
Start Time:
Start Elevation:
2125ft (648m) *
End Time:
Max Elevation:
4172ft (1271m) *
Min Elevation:
2055ft (626m) *
15.56 km (9.67 mi)
End Elevation:
2125ft (648m) *
Average Speed:
2.5 km/hr (1.6 mph)
* : +/- 75 feet
Elevation profile over distance
Elevation profile over time
Annotated Topographic Map
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