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Excellent Lookout
Porter-Cascade Junction
Brent's already done!
Continuing on from the lookout, the trail soon leveled off, then arrived at a junction with a side trail that leads to Porter Mountain. We waited for a re-grouping of everyone (to ensure that no one got off track), then continued on towards Cascade. At this point, the open summit area was only minutes away.

The trail emerged into a brief clearing, where one gets a nice view of the bare-bedrock summit that is to come.
Emerging from the trees
Summit Terrain
Bad Andy
Brent says Sayonara
Andy on Cascade
The summit of Cascade
We emerged onto the open rock of Cascade's summit, and followed the yellow paint blazes through minor scrambles and across flat slabs of bedrock to the summit. All around us was a grand 360-degree panorama of the region. Occasionally we were treated to a brief splash of sunlight, but for the most part, we were in the shade and there was a chilly breeze blowing. After some obligatory summit shots, we found a wind-free spot on the eastern side of the summit. Sheltered from the cold breeze, we sat and had a nice, relaxing lunch.
Arriving at summit
Towards the Great Range
The Team on top
The Team on top
Lunch in the Lee
Arn savours the view
After a good, long break, we decided to start our return journey down to the cars. We were in no particular rush; based on the time and our pace on the way up, it looked as if we'd be finished by early afternoon, well ahead of the rough finish time I had in my mind.
Leading the sheep home
Walking against the sky
Hassib's Successful Summit
Heading south off summit
Back down to treeline
Down the bouldery trail
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