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Tick... number 46 is done!
I think Bill perhaps didn't want too much fanfare for this moment, but it was hard to avoid the cameras and the congratulations as he topped out with Shylo (his dog) and tapped the big summit cairn with his hiking pole. Number 46 for you, Bill, and many congratulations. Well-earned! Soon afterwards, David presented Bill with a crisp new 46er badge. Welcome to the club!
Official 46er ceremony
It's official now!
Bill and Judy
Bill's group
Giant from Rocky
Soon after this, Pu's gang caught up, and soon Rocky Peak's summit was crawling with people. We moved a little ways off to the side to make room.
Pu's group arrives...
Relaxing on Rocky
Pu gets his potassium
A relaxing summit
Chased by an insect
Pu's hiking group
Pu's hiking group, 2
Pu's hiking group, 3
Pu's hiking group, 4
Adirondack Hikers
Admiring the views
Bill and Rocky Ridge
The troop marches on
After a good long break, we made ready to go. Although we had now completed over 95% of the elevation gain, we had completed less than half the distance, and the day was getting on. Also, there were miles of great terrain yet to come!
Heading down Rocky Ridge
Blueberries on Rocky Ridge
Beautiful open hiking
The hike down east from the summit of Rocky was fantastic. The late afternoon sun gave us the perfect light, and the conditions were temperate and the wind gentle. We hiked through thick fields of blueberries, over slabs of clean bedrock, and along golden fields of alpine grasses. I stopped and filtered a bit of fresh water from Lake Mary Louise. As we descended we crossed paths many times with Bill and Judy's group, as our overall speed was very similar. Lookout after scenic Lookout later, we arrived at the summit of Bald Peak (Effectively nearly the end of the open viewpoints when headed in the eastern direction).
Lake Mary Louise
Lake Mary Louise
Open ridge hiking
Looking back to Rocky
Alpine Grasses
Break at another great lookout
Bob on lookout on Rocky Ridge
Pu and Rob hike along
Taking in the view...
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