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Back in snowshoes, we climbed the beautiful alpine terrain towards the summit of Haystack. As we got near the top, Jason offered to take my camera and take snaps as we followed the last bit of ridge to the small knob of Haystack's summit.
Into the Alpine
Alpine trail-marker
The view back down
Nearing the crest
Jenn and Andrew almost there
Still closer
The last rise
Taking it in
Finally, finally, finally.... we did it! And, I was especially proud of Jenn. From no Adirondack Peaks to 46 winter ones in less than three years, and on top of that very few women do the winter 46. Our accomplishment perhaps pales in comparison to some of the legends of the High Peaks (this very day Adirondack Legend Pin-pin was finishing his 22nd round of the winter 46 and 92nd round of the 46 overall - an astounding achievement that makes our single winter 46er round seem pretty small), but still - it was a proud moment to stand on Haystack's beautiful summit, looking around and seeing all of the peaks around us, clothed in winter, and knowing we'd done all of them just as they stood right there, right then.
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