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The Sewards
The Ampersands
Andrew on Lookout
Brake Right!!
Before starting down, we donned our snow pants, in prep for our [hopefully] speedy descent. And indeed it was good, with perfect track contours and good snow slipperiness. We sped down 1000+ feet in perhaps 15 to 20 minutes. Ewart was substantially more cautious, mumbling something about inadequate braking and steering, and chose to hoof it down.

After the sliding excitement, the rest was fairly boring. The long, long flat walk back was somewhat boring, even though we made excellent time. Back at the trailhead at 3pm, we discovered Jenn's lost gloves - she'd dropped them at the trailhead in the morning and someone had nicely placed them in the trail register box. Thank you, whoever!
The S.S.K.
Almost Springlike
Not lost after all!
Interactive trackmap with photo points - click map to expand
Start Time: 6:49AM
End Time: 3:03PM
Duration: 8h14m
Distance: 22.43 km (13.94 mi)
Average Speed: 2.7 km/hr (1.7 mph)
Start Elevation: 1801ft (549m) *
Max Elevation: 4161ft (1268m) *
Min Elevation: 1795ft (547m) *
End Elevation: 1795ft (547m) *
* : +/- 75 feet
Total Elevation Gain: 2638ft (804m) *
Total Elevation Loss: 2643ft (806m) *
* : +/- 75 feet
Elevation Graph
Elevation over distance
Elevation over time
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