Sunday, August  9, 2020
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Starting to See Views!
Trio on a Ridge
Yi in the Mountains
Black and White Adirondacks
The views are superb and unique (for someone who's been to lots of other Adirondack peaks and is familiar with their views). An excellent vantage point. The weather is high cloud with little haze. Markus scouts about for a place for his geocache, which he places in a fracture near a nice viewpoint. If you are interested in Markus' geocache, the link to it on the geocaching home page is right here.
courtesy Pu
Dome and Mountains
Andrew doing what...?
playing with new toys
Looking up the Ridge
Planting the cache
There's the cache!
courtesy Markus
Geocache Contents
A wider angle cache locator
Porter-Cascade Range
courtesy Markus
Pitchoff Summit
Andrew and Jenn on the trail
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