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Upwards at 22!
Takes a bit o' guts
Symmetrical Tracks
Lunch at Jamie Kennedy's
From the CN Tower, we rushed back west to meet Stan and Pat at swanky Jamie Kennedy's Wine Bar, where we enjoyed a set of excellent tapas-like entrees. From there, we had a quick tour of the Stan's office (which was right next door), and then we again parted ways, with us heading off to an afternoon at the Royal Ontario Museum, where we could see for ourselves what this 'crystal' fuss was all about.

The 'Crystal' is an abstract angled add-on to the front of the historic building that contains the museum. In my opinion, it's.... 'eh'... not bad, not good. Interesting, I guess. The dinosaur exhibit housed in the crystal portion was interesting. Also quite good were the main exhibits inside the old building - natural history stuff, old typewriters, an exhibit on architecture and style through the ages in Europe, an interesting one on glass paperweights - all sorts of stuff. We didn't even get through it all before the closing announcements came over the loudspeakers. Lots to see.
Excellent Yukon fries
SDA offices
Controlled Chaos
Enter via the Crystal
Dinos on display
Early marine vertebrate
Long and pointy
Piece of the showpiece
Old typerwriters
Tomb recreation
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