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This image gallery documents a quick but fun trip that Jenn and I took to Toronto in December of 2007. Stan and Pat, Jenn's Aunt and Uncle, had invited us down join them for their company Christmas party and to stay with them at their residence in the heart of downtown Toronto. So, we did!

Because we were attending Stan's company's Christmas Party, and because a gingerbread house contest was part of that party, we decided to present our own entry: a re-creation of Stan and Pat's Gananoque residence. We viewed it as being in honour of Stan and Pat's gracious act of letting Jenn stay at their Gananoque residence while Jenn is attending her Masters in Occupational Therapy at nearby Queen's University.

So, before heading down to Toronto, the order of business was a late night construction session!
Careful measuring
Cutting to fit
Note the bevelling!
Andrew is indeed involved
Roof fitment
Front vestibule
Colorful Chimney
From the back
Skylights, too
Almost finished!
With our honorary scale model completed, we drove town to Toronto, arriving at Stan and Pat's place just as the party was getting underway. Nice flat!
Arriving at the Downey residence
Warm surroundings
Jenn and Tula
We spent the afternoon getting to know the colorful set of characters that Stan works with. The catered food was mmm-mmm-superb, with tons of variety. Highlights of the afternoon included the judging of the gingerbread 'houses' (I use the term loosely), a Secret Santa Gift-giving session, and a sing-along with Stan. I (as you can see) took copious amounts of pictures. Hopefully I didn't get too much into anyone's face! (If you'd like to see the larger set of pictures from that party, click here).
Fantastic cuisine
General chat
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