Thursday, December  12, 2019
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Yellowstone Backpack 165K gpx [download]  
Day-10-Reynolds 90K txt [download] [view]
Mount Reynolds Climb 109K gpx [download]  
Yellowstone Backpack 129K txt [download] [view]
Day-07-Teewinot-Processed 162K gpx [download]  
Yellowstone Backpack Day 1 63K gpx [download]  
Day-07-Teewinot-Processed 126K txt [download] [view]
Climb of Pollock and Piegan 118K txt [download] [view]
Climb of Pollock and Piegan 152K gpx [download]  
Teewinot Climb 142K gpx [download]  
Teewinot Climb 111K txt [download] [view]
Day-05-YellowstoneBackpack 190K gpx [download]  
Yellowstone Backpack Day 1 49K txt [download] [view]
Day-10-Reynolds 115K gpx [download]  
Day-11-Pollock-Piegan 177K gpx [download]  
Yellowstone Backpack Day 2 103K gpx [download]  
Day-11-Pollock-Piegan 138K txt [download] [view]
Yellowstone Backpack Day 2 80K txt [download] [view]
Mount Reynolds Climb 85K txt [download] [view]
Day-05-YellowstoneBackpack 148K txt [download] [view]
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