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A one-stop page for all of the videos produced for GerM2ny 2018: The Pickup. I recommend that you watch these full-screen for best effect. Note: there are two versions of the full movie - both are listed below.

Below is the full movie covering the GerM2ny 2018 trip. I think it serves as an excellent accompaniment to the written trip report.
GerM2ny 2018: The Movie

Here's an extended version of the GerM2ny 2018 trip movie. Be warned! This is long, and there is danger of being bored to tears if you are not into this sort of thing.
GerM2ny 2018: The Movie (Extended Edition)

Below is a fast-paced, set-to-music montage of dynamic scenes from our trip. It's a short and energetic clip - if you watch nothing else, watch this one!
GerM2ny 2018: Teaser / Montage

Luke and I are a somewhat inept and comical film crew. Our methods are crude and unpolished, and making all of this footage was often challenging and difficult for us. Join us for a 4-minute behind the scenes look.
GerM2ny 2018: Filming Challenges

For archival purposes, here's the original "Coming Soon" teaser video that was released not long after (well, maybe longer than "not long after") we came back from the trip.
GerM2ny 2018: Original "Coming Soon" Teaser Trailer
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