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Although by no means a massive alpine peak, Dam Mountain did have a pretty little rock knob at it's summit, and a few reasonable views down towards Vancouver.
Dam Summit!
Dam Mountain View
Distant Downtown
Downtown from Above
Pretty little trail
After summitting Dam Mountain, we quickly made our way back towards the top of the main lift station at Grouse. We took the lift down (in fact, you aren't supposed to hike down the Grouse Grind, according to a sign we saw), and arrived back with just enough time to make our dinner appointment.
Heading Down
The Grind is over There
Interactive Trackmap & Photo Points - Double-click map to expand
There's definitely more exploring that needs to be done on these trails north of the resort, and we'll also have to return to give the 'Grind another try.

(The next activity on our 2009 Vancouver / West Coast trip was our climb of Mt Baker. Click here to read the report of that outing).

Note: there's no hike length or elevation descriptions because I lost GPS lock for part of the 'Grind, and the data would therefore be incomplete.
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