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Brian's Panoramas
Wide Shots by the Master Stitcher
A short section featuring a selection of stitched-photo panoramas produced by Brian. Brian has a special attachment to stitched panoramas, and one can often find him holding his camera out, slowly shuffling in a circle in mummy-like fashion at nearly every stop!

These panoramas are presented to you using the 'zoomifyer' plugin. This plugin allows you to pan and zoom across the length of the panorama. Note: in order to see a zoomified panorama, you must first click on a panorama thumbnail.
courtesy BConnell
Approaching Death Hollow
courtesy BConnell
Death Hollow
courtesy BConnell
Circle Cliffs Panorama
courtesy BConnell
Cohab Canyon
courtesy BConnell
Fremont Gorge Overlook
courtesy BConnell
Grand Gulch
courtesy BConnell
Polly's Island
courtesy BConnell
Polly's Island Ruins
courtesy BConnell
Good Kiva Panorama

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