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Kilimanjaro 2005 Message Board
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#1 Good Luck Posted by Warren on
Fri Dec 10, 12:24 EST 2004

Hi Thought id be the last to wish you a great climb people. Stay safe and enjoy. Fancy doing it again in 2006 for charity? drop me some mail Regards Warren

#2 re: Good Luck Posted by Andrew on
Fri Dec 10, 12:51 EST 2004

Hi, Warren Thanks for the words of encouragement. Let us know when you have your web page up for your Kili charity climb. I'm interested in seeing it. And who knows... maybe we'll have so much fun I'll want to go again! ...Andrew

#3 Posted by Jennifer on
Tue Dec 21, 10:45 EST 2004

Good luck guys! :-) I will be thinking of you all while you are away. Thank you for letting me tag along on all of your 'warm up adventures'; it has be a ton of fun! I can't wait to hear all about it when you get home. Jenn

#4 Good luck! Posted by Sara B. on
Mon Dec 27, 16:17 EST 2004

Good luck you guys! I'm looking forward to seeing all the pictures when you get back!


#5 Happy New Year Posted by Sharon on
Fri Dec 31, 10:30 EST 2004

Happy New Year, Andrew and Pu!

By this time you are probably in Nairobi, the city right on the Equator. Have fun and be healthy.

While you are there, listen to or feel the East African Rift, which is still pretty active, I believe.

Good luck and see you in three weeks!


#6 Posted by Linda & Ken Grimble on
Fri Dec 31, 12:07 EST 2004

We wish you all the very best on this fabulous journey/adventure!
What an amazing and thorough job of preparation has gone into this trip...from the trianing, to the cost predictions, reservations,gear lists, website are the ULTIMATE organizer Andrew! Congratulations on your success to this point, and we look forward to following your progress over the next three weeks!
Happy New Year, and safe travel for the group!
Linda & Ken

#7 A virtual follower Posted by Chris Callaghan on
Sat Jan 01, 23:38 EST 2005

Hi guys!

None of you have ever met me, but I heard about your trip from Pu's friend, Melissa Burness. Melissa and I met in Ottawa.

I'm currently residing in Taipei, Taiwan.

I want to compliment you on the very nice web site and wish you good fortune on your ascent. I'm a naturalist/biologist, so I have a keen appreciation (and some jealousy) about the landscape and natural vistas you are no doubt already encountering and will encounter as you climb the mountain. Try to take some pictures of any interesting plants and animals!

Good luck, and I will be following your progress.

All the best,


#8 To the Summit! Posted by Kevin on
Fri Jan 07, 21:58 EST 2005


Best of luck to you and the team as you go for the summit tomorrow!(today?)
I really have enjoyed reading of your trips. Carl has kept me informed of your climbing adventures and my friends at the office here in Fredericton have been very interested in your site!

I have a question for you though, Congrats on becoming a 46'er but, forgive me but, what the heck is a 46'er?!

And just how high is the Lava Tower?

Its hard to imagine 19,336 feet when the biggest "hill" around here is Mt Carelton. : )

from a friend of your brother Carl

#9 Congratulations On Breach of Summit Posted by Warren on
Thu Jan 13, 05:20 EST 2005

Well done people on Breeching the summit. You will probably read this when you get back enjoy your safari you deserve it!!!!!!

Andy: The website is in its infancy i have used your site as a basis for mine as i think it is wonderfully informative and of course easy to find.

We have settled on a 6 day climb (with 3 star accomodation) and a 5 day safari around june-july 2006 anyone interested in this the total is ?0 sterling ( not inc flights, visas, vaccines etc). About ? will goto charities across the UK including: CLIC (Cancer, Lukemia in children) BDA(British Diabetics Association) and BLESMA(British Limbless Ex-ServiceMens Association)i have a donation page here: and a website which will be here;

My personal website where you can contact me is :


#10 The climb Posted by Dave on
Sat Jan 15, 09:49 EST 2005

Hi Pu. So glad you and the party made it safe and sound. I've been following everyones progress and I'm so thrilled you all made it. Can't wait to read more about the remaining parts of your adventure and to see the pics.

Be safe everyone.


#11 Congrats!!! Posted by Lisa on
Mon Jan 24, 23:11 EST 2005

Hey!! Great job on Kili !! Andrew, your site is great, I'm impressed with your account of the Torngats especially. Looking forward to hearing lots more about Kili from Markus, the pictures I've seen so far are great!!

#12 The Reviews are in ! Posted by Caro on
Fri Mar 11, 14:37 EST 2005

[ Two thumbs up - all the way ! ]
- Siskel and the other guy

[ And outstanding piece of work! ]
- Peter Krug

[Brilliant ! Absolutely fascinating! ]
- The Ottawa Citizen

[ A riveting tale of courageous people on the roof of Africa? A grand job! ]
- New York Times

[ A gripping tale of adventure that embraces courage, camaraderie, joy and commitment ]
- The Globe and Mail

[ A masterpiece ! Mr Lavigne outdid himself once again. Bravo! ]
- USA Today

[ That's Oscar material (if there was such a thing for web pages)? Anyway, it's very good, you know! ]
- Mike from Canmore

You truly did an amazing job, Andrew. Thanks for all your hard work and commitment to this. You make it possible for my friend and family to really appreciate the story of our adventure?
- Caroline

#13 Posted by Allen on
Sun Mar 13, 21:17 EST 2005

Congratulations on your trip and this amazing website. I spent quite a while watching all the videos and reading some of the diary. I've never seen such a comprehensive personal travelog and was very impressed at the website and the ease of using it. I was moved to near tears a few times while watching the videos so I can imagine how you felt being there. The videos were so personal and impressive and the still shots were quite amazing as well. I can't say I'll ever get the chance to do Kilimanjaro but the rest of the trip certainly makes me want to go to Africa now. From seeing the native people, the landscape, to the spice farm and of course the safari. Totally amazing. I can't get over it all.

Allen Mayer

#14 Trekking in Nepal-Tibet 2005 Posted by Ganesh Neupane on
Tue Mar 15, 22:53 EST 2005

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#15 our experiences on Kili Posted by Matt on
Mon Mar 21, 15:52 EST 2005

I climbed Kili 2 weeks later, used Zara for our expedition, and am from Canada. Our experience reflected yours - we used the Machame route, and spent an extra day at 14,000 feet to diminish the average altitude gain per day.

It's interesting that our guide monitored our condition, at each stop asking how we felt, and looking for signs of decreased decision making facilities or coordination problems. We each had slight to moderate headaches at some point, and one of our group (of 4) experienced nausea and vomiting on the final 100 meters to Stella Point (probably ate too many granola bars at the last stop). She retained full coordination and mental faculties and summited successfully.

Our experience was that the operator was competent in how they handled our climb. One does have to realize that this is a third world area, and the level of care and attention we are used to in North American situations isn't likely available in Africa. (One could sign on with an American expedition company like Tusker Trails, have an "trained" American guide accompanying, and pay $3000 US for 9 days on the mountain. - Although, we saw one of their climbers come down on a stretcher, carried by 6 running porters....)

I found your analysis of the tragedy thoughtful and even handed.

This is a high altitude climb does not come without some risks.

Matt C.

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Thu May 12, 22:26 EDT 2005

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#19 spamming Posted by Andrew on
Wed May 25, 22:46 EDT 2005

ok... this is simply too much advertising, over and over again. I'm afraid I'm only going to leave one of these posts. (and I'm being generous at that).


#20 Thanks for your site Posted by Olivier on
Sun Aug 21, 04:57 EDT 2005

Your site looks like a high quality to me.
It is one of most interesting i found.
I use it to seek info for my kilimanjaro project.
I enjoy GPS data sources and topo map we can see on it.
Also interesting with pohotos and videos.

Thx and have nice treks

Olivier from Paris

#21 Posted by Jeff on
Sat Aug 27, 22:31 EDT 2005

I'm getting ready to climb the Shira route, starting in ten days, and found this to be one of the most informative and entertaining sites around! Thanks for putting this out on the net - us first-timers are very thirsty for knowledge!

#22 Umbwe Route Posted by Sandra on
Sat Sep 10, 01:08 EDT 2005


Thanks for an amazing website. We leave for Kili today to climb Kili on this very route.


#23 Posted by Nick Grace on
Sat Sep 24, 07:12 EDT 2005

I climbed Kili in Sept 2001 to raise money for Whizz-Kidz, it was my first trek of any description (unless you count Brecon Beacons!) and I made it to Gilmans Point.
Your site has brought back some wonderful (and some not so wonderful) memories.
Well done on your trip and your excellent website, you should be VERY proud!

ps. Now I have the "bug" and have done Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu and next Feb will be going to Venezuela to attempt the Lost World Challenge, i have now raised over ?000 for charity.

#24 Thank you! Posted by Lisa on
Thu Oct 27, 14:48 EDT 2005


I stumbled onto your site before my trip to Kilimanjaro.
I just came back from my climb (Rongai route). Made it to Uhuru Peak. I also booked with Zara. I wanted to post my thanks for an extremely informative site, especially your analysis of the Langevin tragedy. As a newbie climber, your site helped immensely with my trip preparation (and mental preparation).

#25 Congratulate, well done! Posted by Marco from Sweden on
Thu Nov 10, 03:51 EST 2005

I must say that the information on your website are of great interest, especially the maps and GPS coordinates from the trip. Thank you!

All the best
/Marco (

#26 thanx Posted by Akos on
Sun Feb 05, 19:55 EST 2006

Your site is very very infomative, and great.

Thank You for help!


#27 Cerebral Edema Posted by Josee Leger on
Mon May 02, 12:49 EDT 2011

Hello and thank you for keeping Normande's memory alive by posting information about her climb six years ago. 

My half brother is hiking in Ecuador and just posted a comment on his facebook page saying that 4600 metres gives you a real headache, "‎4600 metres ca donne mal a la tete!" 

This intantly brought me back to the day I heard the news about Normande's passing away from a cerebral edema.

All I can think about is how unnecessary Normande's death was.  Her husband Denis told me the guide kept telling her that if she could just throw up, she'd feel better after...

I'll never forget her.


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