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The trek along the knife edge is fun and scrambly. There are only a few places where there is really any significant exposure. Still, one should be careful, and indeed (as all the warnings say) this would be a much trickier place to be in bad weather or slippery conditions.
courtesy Markus
Markus on Knife Edge Segment
Andrew on Chimney Peak
The Knife Edge
Yet another K.E. Shot
Pavement on Knife Edge?
Western Knife Edge
After about an hour or so of scrambling along the knife-edge, we climb up a steep boulder field to the south peak. From here there is an excellent perspective looking back along the knife-edge towards Pamola peak.
courtesy Markus
Really knife-edgy in spots
Knife edge, looking East
South Peak
A patch of winter
Hikers climbing south peak.
Plunging Ravines
Before long we are on Baxter peak itself, were a sizable crowd of hikers are enjoying the warm autumn day. We hope and indeed find out that many in the crowd are Appalachian Trail thru-hikers that are finishing their thru-hike at this very instant. (The Appalachian is the world's first long-distance hiking trail, and hiking it from start to finish in one season is regarded as an amazing feat, which of course it is! all 3360 kilometres of it).
courtesy Markus
Markus at Maine Highpoint
A thru-hiker Celebrates
The real heroes!
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