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Hazy Fall Day
Hamlin Peak
Pu's Candy Delight
courtesy Markus
Eroded Granite
Open Boulders on Dudley Trail
Andrew Photographing
As we ascend Pamola peak, we are treated to increasingly scenic views of the surrounding landscape. To the northeast, brilliant fall foliage can be seen encircling the bases of mountains. Further off in the distance the land flattens into endless Maine Northwoods. The string of North Basin ponds glow blue in the early morning light.
Pu's Chipped Granite Shot
Markus' Chipped Granite Shot
Andrew as well!
Scrambling up the trail.
South Peak and Baxter Peak
The Knife Edge
Soon we are high enough to see the entire South Basin below us, with Chimney Pond and the Ranger station seemingly directly underneath us. We now have unobstructed views across to the entire high ridge of Katahdin, from Baxter to the South Peak, and on towards us over the knife edge. The knife edge looks exciting but not overly frightening. The day is shaping up excellently!
Massive boulder
Western-style alpine buttresses
Pamola boulder and valley
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