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This is an account of a day hike / scramble up the most well-known mountaineering route in the Adirondacks: The Trap Dike. Along on this hike were myself, Markus, Ewart, Andree, Costi, Luc, and Larry.

We left at our usual 5:00am time from Ottawa. A large and very violent Thunderstorm was just leaving the area... but the forecast for the Adirondacks was relatively good, although humid and with a chance of thundershowers.
courtesy Markus
South Meadows Trailhead
Nice Hair, Luc
Registering in
The Dam still stands
South Meadows Trail
Marcy Dam
We chose to hike in the same way as the Phelps hike two weeks ago, via the South Meadows trail. We blasted along that in well under an hour to Marcy Dam. The weather (as can be seen from photo #7) was cloudy with a celing of about 4000 feet - meaning our summit would be socked in.
Luc and Ewart
Bridge near Avalanche Lean-to
Stream Closeup
Avalanche Lean-to
Trail planks
Avalanche Pass Slide
As we hiked from Marcy Dam up to Avalanche Pass, the weather steadily improved, although it was still turning out to be a fairly muggy day. The route through the Hurricane Floyd landslide was interesting as always (Pictures 13,14).
Avalanche Pass Damage
Shady Avalanche Pass
Avalanche Lake
The Twin Sentinels in Summer
Larry on boardwalk next to Avalanche Lake
Ladder, Avalanche Lake
Avalanche Pass was buggy (lots of black flies)... from here we were not far from the start of the scrambling/climbing route up the Trap Dike.
A Hitch-up Matilda
Hitch-up Matilda
Waving from the shore
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