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2002 Golden Triangle Message Board
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#1 mistakes Posted by andrew on
Sat May 25, 20:36 EDT 2002

Hi everyone. If anyone finds any mistakes/typos or if they can supply me with the names of people in pictures that I have labelled as ?, that would be great. I am very bad at remembering names.

#2 Great Pics Posted by MarkH on
Sun May 26, 20:39 EDT 2002

I`ll bet the scenery is enough to motivate biking up those inclines. Looks like you had a great trip. I think my mountain bike is under some old civic all-seasons in my shed. It will see the light of day again sometime soon, hopefully. Mark

#3 Posted by George Lavigne on
Mon May 27, 11:51 EDT 2002

Andrew, Took some time to look at your trip to the Rockies. You did a great job with biking and stopping and everything. Don't know how you did it all! I especially liked pic 43, 52 and 59. ......made pic #43 as my background pic. Looks good on my computer! Looks like you, Lorriane and friends had great weather and had a great time! Again, wonderful job! later...geo

#4 Posted by Carl on
Mon May 27, 15:18 EDT 2002

Wow!! What a ride! I wonder if I could have made it?? (maybe the day 2 leg). Line & I will have to start training now if we're going to join you next year. Great Pics!! Keep'em comming!

#5 Posted by andrew on
Mon May 27, 16:30 EDT 2002

Carl... That's a great idea (you and Line doing the ride next year). It is a challenge but it is very scenic and very well-run. If you guys are determined I am sure you will be able to do it. If you need any more info about the ride let me know (also check out the EVCC web site link in the left-hand sidebar). ...Andrew

#6 Posted by [anonymous poster] on
Wed Jun 05, 01:59 EDT 2002

...don't be so hard on yourself Bean! - you have a great smile! (now if you want to name a few REAL goofy things..) loved the pix! ~kennedy

#7 Posted by Don on
Thu Jun 06, 01:38 EDT 2002

Yup you nailed me in #48. That my brother Brian standing to the left with the radio flash and the organizer, Debbie Iversen to the right from behind. I like the screensaver! Hope to see you next year with even more friends. If you liked the scenery on the GT, check out the Silver Triangle, and the Logan Pass tours.

#8 Posted by Bruce on
Fri Jun 07, 00:52 EDT 2002

You are correct about photo 8 & 9. That is my Pathfinder and bike heading out for the GT. Too Funny.....

#9 Posted by Andrew on
Fri Jun 07, 08:20 EDT 2002

Wow... Isn't that weird? I remember Lorraine wondering if that was another GTer, and I figured nah, there's probably lots of cyclists heading out to lots of different rides. Guess she was right. You know what they say: The hills have eyes.... Thanks for your feedback - this is just too neat! BTW, in case Don is reading this- I will update your picture (#48) with the correct person info.

#10 Posted by Andrew on
Fri Jun 07, 08:22 EDT 2002

Oh, and another thing, Bruce. If you want that shot or a much more detailed one, let me know and I can make that available for download (or just snag the small ones off the webpage, if you want).

#11 GT Posted by Peter Serjeant on
Fri Jun 14, 19:18 EDT 2002

Great Pictures! My buddy and I are riding the same route next week "solo" Now we know for sure it will be worthwhile... Pete

#12 Custom bike shop? Posted by Lorraine Hughes on
Tue Jun 18, 08:58 EDT 2002

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of a bike shop in Calgary that makes custom-made road/touring bikes? Someone I know in Ottawa has been asking about this. If you have any info about a spot to shop, that would be great. The bike is for someone who is 6'4", and wholives in Calgary. He is having lots of trouble finding a bike that fits him.

#13 Feedback Posted by Chris Clark on
Mon Aug 19, 23:13 EDT 2002

Great looking pictures. I really enjoyed reliving the ride. My friends were in the breakfast shot on Day 3 but I was behind a guy's head. Thanks for the memories, wasn't that head wind a b*tch?

#14 re: Custom Bike Shop Posted by Peter on
Tue Sep 03, 17:12 EDT 2002

Coggs Design makes custom bikes (they now appear to be located just outside of Calgary in Cochrane

#15 Posted by barT on
Sun Jan 12, 19:16 EST 2003

Thanks for the great story on the GT2002 ride! A couple of friends and I are planning to join EVCC for the ride 2003, I hope this will give them some encouragement and incentive. This also shows those who live vicariously through the action of others what they miss out on @ 100+ kph in their cars.

#16 Posted by Julie G on
Tue Jan 02, 17:48 EST 2007

There are five of us women planning to do this same ride this coming summer. We were lucky enough to get one of the husbands to sag for us. The info you provide and the photos are absolutely invaluable and if you do have anything more to add, we would be so thankful! We love your website :)

#17 Posted by peter loughlin on
Thu Sep 18, 00:15 EDT 2008

i am really pleased to hear the trip experience from the riders perspective. i also found your GPS pictures and maps of the elevation useful. my neighbors are chatting up the idea of doing the trip over a 5-6 day period in the summer of '09 so i'm looking up any type of information i can. your photo diary was very refreshing and informative.



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