Thursday, October  17, 2019
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Preparations and Skills Training

Since this trip was going to involve some technical mountaineering, and given that Markus had only a little experience and Peter none, we spent several sunny summer weekend days in my backyard practicing the tricks of the trade. This included learning the proper knots, and roping up properly for glacier travel. It also included learning about what to do in the event of a crevasse fall. We practiced how to self-rescue out of a crevasse, and how to set up a haul system to lift someone out of a crevasse. The pictures below illustrate all of this.
Learning to rope up
Sizing up Prusik ropes
Ascending practice
Ascending practice
Markus, Ascending practice
Peter, Ascending practice
Markus new boots
Custom heel shims
Glacier travel rope-up
Pulley System how-to
Pulley system how-to
Pulley system how-to
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