Friday, October  30, 2020
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For this climb of Phelps, we decided to hike in using the South Meadows Trail. The prices for the ADK Loj parking area was steadily rising, and was now a fairly expensive $9 per vehicle! The South Meadows parking area is free, and trail, although a little bit longer, is a fairly straightforward fire road. Plus we'd all been on the ADK Loj-Marcy Dam trail so many times it was nice to have a chance to hike in a different way.
5am Start
Arrival at South Meadows
Start of south meadows trail
courtesy peter
courtesy markus
Registering at trailhead
Trail register
2x2 hiking
courtesy peter
Amazing Beaver dam
Another Dam Shot
South meadows trail
Marcy Dam from a different angle
Marcy Dam
Markus snaps the group
courtesy markus
Marcy Dam
Markus from below
Andrew at Marcy Dam
Peter trying out new S400
Marcy Dam Shot #2
Slides on Wright
courtesy peter
Slave for Markus
Trail to Phelps
Steep part of trail up Phelps
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