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A picture account of an outing I did with co-workers on the Nortel Optical Equinox team back in 2002. The objective was the always beginner-popular Noonmark Mountain. Short but with lots of interesting views and a great summit. As of 2013, this is the only time I've ever done Noonmark as a true 'traverse', starting from the trailhead near the AMR golf course and ending at the Dix Mtn trailhead on Rte 73 near Round Pond.
Topo Map of Hike
Leaving from Work
Noonmark mountain
Hike Start?
On the trail to the summit
Lookout #1
Eugene and Giant
Picture of Picture
Giant and Rocky Ridge
Isometric workout
and now weights...
Scrambles and ladders
Pre-summit group shot
Mountains, come to us...
Getting closer
Summit knob in view
Scrambling up
even more scrambling....
The last bit of climbing
The Summit!
Pu's turn
Eugene drinks it in...
Cameron's Proof
Sarah's Summit Apple
Pu and the Great Range
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