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An intro to many new hiking companions on this trip - plus a fun winter ascent, in a loop, of Mount Colden, featuring a walk across the ice through beautiful Avalanche Pass.
Another 5am morning start
Here we are, almost ready to go at 5am on a Saturday morning.... [enlarge]
ADK High Peaks Center parking lot
The day is turning out to be a cold, flurry-filled day. Here, the bunch of us are getting ready to depart. [enlarge]
Bundled for the cold
As you can see from our attire, we are prepared for full winter conditions. [enlarge]
De-layering break
Soon, after a bit of working out in the trees where there is no wind, all of that warm winter clothing becomes unbearably hot. A delayering stop is a must. [enlarge]
The troop marches towards Marcy Dam
This shot is taken on the section of trail between the trailhead and Marcy Dam. [enlarge]
courtesy _markus
Cheery early morning hikers.
courtesy _markus
Open winter forest.
courtesy _markus
Marcy Dam
Marcy Dam
This is rapidly become my standard issue Winter shot of Marcy Dam. The weather.... unsettled, cloudy, flurries... and of course no good view. [enlarge]
courtesy _markus
Andrew at Marcy Dam
Intrepid adventurers
Given that this is the dead of winter, we can take a slight short-cut by going straight across the pond formed by Marcy Dam. [enlarge]
The group, minus one.
From left to right.... Molly, Bryan, Caroline, Deborah, Ewart, Shannon, Max, Markus, and Pu. [enlarge]
courtesy _markus
Hiker, Lean-to, and Slide
A shot of a hiker approaching a lean-to at Marcy Dam, with a slide on Wright Peak rising in the background. [enlarge]
Ewart, grizzled hiking veteran
Lean-to Break.
Here we all are at our first food break. This lean-to is on the shore of the pond at Marcy Dam. [enlarge]
The always cheery pu takes a snack break. [enlarge]
Marcy Brook
Two weeks earlier, I took a somewhat underexposed picture of this brook. Here it is two weeks later (and exposed more properly) [enlarge]
Bridge over Marcy Brook
Our rag-tag group crossing Marcy Brook, just minutes before reaching the Avalanche Junction Lean-to. [enlarge]
courtesy _markus
Avalanche Junction Lean-to
Nearing Avalanche Pass
The group takes a break near the top of the steep section leading up to Avalanche Pass. [enlarge]
Mt Phelps in the background.
The group stopped for a rest break, with Mt. Phelps visible through the trees in the background. [enlarge]
courtesy _markus
Avalanche Slide Warning Sign
The sign seen just before the new Slide at Avalanche pass. Put there, I assume, so that snowboarders and skiiers don't go up there and cause an avalanche down onto the trail. [enlarge]
courtesy _markus
Avalanche Pass Slide
With Ewart, Caroline, and Andrew [enlarge]
Avalanche Pass Landslide
Here the group stops for a photo at the site of the 2000 Avalanche Pass Landslide (most of which is covered in snow right now). This Landslide occurred as a result of the heavy wind and rain from Hurricane Floyd in the fall of 2000. Markus and I happened to hike through here 3 days after the landslide occurred. Was an interesting tangled mess.... [enlarge]
Pretty ice chandelier
Taken along the way through avalanche pass. [enlarge]
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