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This Image Gallery captures moments from an outing to the American Desert Southwest in the Spring of 2001. Along for the ride were folks I knew from my work. Essentially we were a gaggle of tech folks bound for a warm desert spring break. The plan for the trip was a counter-clockwise loop starting from Las Vegas, and taking in, in order: some of the southern Arizona desert, a Grand Canyon backpack, southwestern Utah (Escalante, Bryce, and Zion), and Death Valley. The centerpiece of the trip was the Grand Canyon backpack, where we planned to spend 3 days and 2 nights hiking from the rim down to the Colorado river and back up.
Las Vegas Geocache
Urban Hiking Path
Hoover Dam Trio
Hoover Dam
Hangin' around....
Sonoran Desert Scenery
Vulture Peak
Vulture Peak Topo Map and Route
Jumpin' Cholla!
Springtime desert
A towering Saguaro
Desert Blooms
Final scramble up Vulture Peak
Nearing summit of Vulture peak.
Vulture Peak Summit
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