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This Image Gallery captures moments from an outing to the American Desert Southwest in October of 1999. This was one of the few times we travelled to the area in the fall, and we had fabulous weather almost for the whole time.

Over the course of our week and a half, we visited a wide range of place and terrain types. We had some challenging outings, too... from a long day canyoneering in Zion to some lofty 13,000+ backpacking in southwestern Colorado to some technical Jeeping in Canyonlands.
Leaving Ottawa
Lunch stop in Vegas
Info stop
Our first major stop was Zion National Park, where the first thing we did was introduce a few new people to the famous and exciting Angel's Landing hike!
Crystal-clear Zion
Zion Valley, Red Arch Mountain
Great White Throne
The Great White Throne
Peter at Scout Lookout
2 Peters, one scared, one not
Big air
Next, it was on to something more challenging: a long day down a semi-technical canyoneering route that culminated in a very scenic spot called 'the Subway'. Unfortunately we have no actual pictures of the subway because it was dark by the time we got there! still, a fantastic outing.
Subway start point
High Desert hiking
High Desert Hiking
Zion High Country
open slickrock
Slickrock descent
Left fork North Creek
Scrambling in left fork
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