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Allen mountain was a peak that I had been avoiding for a while. From the descriptions I'd heard of it, it was a long and relatively uninteresting hike, and a peak without an interesting summit. And trailless to boot. I knew I had to do it at some point, though. Anyway, what finally pushed us over the edge was the fact that at this point, Allen was the last peak left for Ewart in order for him to complete his second complete ascent of all 46 peaks. Quite a milestone.
Getting ready for Allen
Allen mountain is the 26th highest peak in the Adirondacks. It is not an easy peak to get to. Although 'trailless', in the parlance of the 46ers, there is a semi-marked herdpath of sorts. However, it is by no means a 'maintained-trail' quality route! In this picture, Markus gets ready to go. [enlarge]
Little John and Maid Maryam
Ewart and Caroline act out a Robin Hood fantasy on the suspension bridge over the Hudson River, near the start of the trail. [enlarge]
Cross Jimmy Lake
Markus crosses this very neat causeway-type bridge across an arm of Lake Jimmy. The first part of the route to Allen follows an officially maintained trail. [enlarge]
Ewart crossing the Lake
Old Ruins
Not long after the causeway bridge, we come across some decrepid old buildings. Photos must be taken! [enlarge]
Hodge-podge of trails
The trail follows segments of many old and new roads and paths. This is perhaps to be expected, since this trail crosses many kilometres of private land. [enlarge]
Gloomy Weather
Although the forecast was for reasonable weather, we experience increasing drizzle and rain, and lowering clouds, as we hike in. [enlarge]
Bridge over Opalescent
After hiking along a trail/road next to the Opalescent for a while, one comes to this very nicely constructed Suspension bridge which crosses it. The trail crosses over this bridge. [enlarge]
Rain, rain
A shot of the Opalescent in rainy conditions. [enlarge]
Antler Tree
A very antler-like tree. [enlarge]
Logged area
Soon after crossing the Opalescent river footbridge, one enters an extended area where the trail winds through heavily logged land. It is quite messy and muddy, especially given the rains. This area might offer good views of surrounding peaks if the weather is clear, but is otherwise quite unsightly. [enlarge]
Clearly Marked Turnoff
Just about at the end of the logged area, near where the Twin Brook lean-to used to be, is the turnoff from the maintained trail onto the herdpath leading up to Allen. As an added aid, there are some large signs, albeit crude ones, to help guide you. [enlarge]
Crossing Skylight Brook
Here, Caroline cross rushing Skylight brook. Soon after cross this brook, you head left, roughly parallelling the bank of the brook. [enlarge]
A helping foot
Caroline is about to give ewart a hand... I mean... foot! [enlarge]
Knock on Wood!!
Ewart and Caroline pose for a picture at the spot where the herd path intersects Allen Brook (which can be seen in the background). From here, the route goes up the brook (sometimes a bit on one bank, sometimes a bit on the other... but mostly on the right-hand side, as seen from below). The brook leads almost to the summit ridge. [enlarge]
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