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#1 Great TR as usual .... Posted by Julie and Mike on
Sat Sep 13, 20:35 EDT 2014
 Jay Mountain used to be an amazing Adirondack "secret" ridge walk that wasn't really a secret; now with the new trailhead it's less so. That's a good thing, I guess -- at least there's a nice parking lot and a trailhead sign -- the trailhead was the hardest thing to locate over the entire hike, I found. I'm glad there are more Adirondack trail destinations too -- another recent development is the new lot and blazed route to Catamount Mountain. You can still bushwhack Jay -- well, Big Jay -- in Vermont, from the Long Trail / Jay Traverse over Jay Peak and North Jay -- a high muddy walk to a viewless summit takes you to Big Jay peak. Jay Mountain, on the other hand, is a real gem. Great TR as usual Andrew!


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