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Colden from Wright
Mount Colden's fresh new slide
Mount Colden
Exploring the Mark II
After some picture taking, resting, and chatting with summit steward Kevin, we packed up and headed back down, aiming for a roughly 1:30pm finish time. We chose a good time to summit and start our descent, for on our way down the open terrain, we could see a large gaggle of hikers heading upwards, soon to make the summit a busy place.
Across the high peaks
Wright Trail Cairn
The crowds climb up
Back at the HP Visitor Center
The rest of the hike down was uneventful and reasonably straightfoward, being marred only slightly by the tedious stretches of bouldery trail in spots. Once back on the gently-sloped valley bottom, we made our way briskly back to the trailhead, finishing at about 1:35pm. More than enough time to drive back to our hometown and get ready for an previously-scheduled evening engagement.
Interactive Trackmap with photo points, Wright Peak Climb - click map to view
Hike Data - Wright Peak (plus Wright's Nubble)
Start Time: 8:02AM
End Time: 1:36PM
Duration: 5h34m
Distance: 11.72 km (7.28 mi)
Average Speed: 2.1 km/hr (1.3 mph)
Start Elevation: 2227ft (679m) *
Max Elevation: 4607ft (1404m) *
Min Elevation: 2137ft (651m) *
End Elevation: 2252ft (687m) *
* : +/- 75 feet
Total Elevation Gain: 2572ft (784m) *
Total Elevation Loss: 2548ft (777m) *
* : +/- 75 feet
Elevation Graph
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