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Back at the White Wolf, we showered and headed down to the cafe, glad to be able to sample another dinner at the White Wolf. There was a different set of specials on the menu, something that I like about the place (i.e. lots of variety and different dishes on offer frequently). Both Brian and I chose dishes off of the specials menu: for myself, roast duck with tangerine ginger, and for Brian, barbeque beef brisket with homemade macaroni and cheese. We agreed that all of our dishes were superb, giving yet another data point that confirmed that having an excellent meal here was consistent, and not a hit-or-miss affair.
Back at the WW for dinner
Trout with Aioli
Roast Duck w/Ginger
Lobster stuffed Haddock
Brisket with Mac & Cheese
Personality signs
Specials Board
Where superb stuff comes from
White Wolf Inn
We had a pleasant after-dinner walk, then retired for the night. It was unusual for us to stay overnight twice for a northeast hike outing (usually we package our northeast mountain trail outings into a drive-hike-stay-drive sort of thing), but I have to admit, the more relaxed pace was kind of nice.
Flagstaff Lake
Back-yard Stratton
The Coplin Co-op
The next morning, after another satisfying breakfast at the inn, we drove back home. The next time I'm in Maine, it will be to climb my last 111er peak: North Brother in Baxter State Park.
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